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<strong>Ecological Projects</strong>

Ecological Projects

Coastal Dune Restoration And Enhancement

Ecological Restoration and Management, Inc. is arguably the most experienced and respected dune re-vegetation and stabilization construction firm operating in the Mid-Atlantic region. Over the past 20 years ER&M has successfully planted, seeded, and fertilized over 100 miles of newly created or restored dunes along the Atlantic coast, from North Carolina to New York.

In addition to our planting efforts, we have also installed over 100 miles of sand fence, several miles of post and rail fence, and over 15 miles of dune crossover access paths. ER&M has the equipment, staff, and knowledge to complete all of this work in-house. In order to offer our clients more complete packages, ER&M has also forged several strategic relationships that allow our team to efficiently tackle larger scale projects that include handicap and timber crossovers. Whatever the size of your project, ER&M has the experience, knowledge, and team necessary to ensure that your coastal dune restoration work is successfully completed.

Sample Project Profiles:

Newly planted and fenced dune

Non-Tidal Wetland Creation

For over 30 years, Ecological Restoration and Management, Inc. has helped to restore and create valuable and diverse non-tidal wetland habitats throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Since 1983, ER&M has successfully planted, maintained, and enhanced over one hundred acres of these important ecosystems.

To be successful in wetland restoration and creation requires far more skill than simply being able to read and follow a set of plans. Rarely do sites perform exactly as designed. The hydrologic conditions are often different than predicted, selected plant species aren’t suited to the post construction conditions, and the impact of local wildlife populations can be substantial. Whether the work involves the creation of emergent wetlands, scrub shrub wetlands, forested wetlands, or any combination of same, ER&M staff and crew have the experience and skills necessary for understanding the dynamics of these systems and tackling the obstacles they present.

Featured Projects:


Tidal Wetland Creation

For over 30 years, Ecological Restoration and Management, Inc. has been instrumental in restoring and creating valuable freshwater and brackish/saltwater tidal wetland habitat throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Since 1983, ER&M has successfully created, enhanced, and protected hundreds of acres of these important ecosystems. To be successful in tidal wetland restoration and creation requires far more skill than simply being able to read and follow a set of plans.

Rarely do post-construction conditions match those outlined in the plans. Frequently, actual tidal elevations and ranges differ, sometimes greatly, from those upon which the design was based. Reasons for this are many, but are often attributable to the use of differing tidal datum in determining target surface elevations and planting zones. Without an understanding of this issue and the ability to properly evaluate actual site conditions, adjusting plantings accordingly, many of these projects would never succeed.

ER&M staff and crew understand the dynamics of these systems and have the knowledge and expertise necessary to identify potential problems (prior to, during, and after construction) and offer appropriate solutions to help ensure project success. These projects additionally present unique challenges, as they are often accessible only by water.

Site conditions can change from day to day, sometimes hour to hour, as wind, weather, and lunar cycles affect the timing, duration, and height of tidal events. Not only does this make access difficult, but it requires a strong knowledge of the water, tidal cycles, and the factors that affect both tidal height and duration. Having an understanding of, and experience with, these processes is critical to the proper pre-planning and scheduling necessary to efficiently work with nature to successfully complete these projects on time and within budget.

Featured Projects:

NYC Mussels Project - Nearly completed structures

Stream Restoration

Over the past 3 decades ER&M has been involved in the successful restoration of ten’s of miles of degraded stream channel and associated riparian habitats. During this time ER&M has worked as both prime and subcontractor on these projects.

While the majority of our stream restoration work focuses on providing invasive species control, seeding, bank stabilization (bioengineering applications and coir product installation), and native plantings, ER&M is equally capable of the restoration and relocation of small stream channels, including the installation of various in-stream rock structures. On larger scale projects, ER&M has provide the same quality stabilization services to several respected grading contractors.

Featured Projects:

Looking downstream during final stabilization and planting

Invasive Species And Nuisance Animal Control

One of the greatest threats to the health and stability of our native ecosystems has been the introduction of countless non-native plant and animal species. Removed from their native environments and natural enemies, these plants and animals often thrive, aggressively outcompeting our native flora and fauna. In order to successfully restore many of our wetlands, forests, streams etc., we first need to control, and hopefully eradicate, those aggressive plant species not native to the site. Sometimes, this is all it takes to “release” an otherwise healthy system. At other times, this work must be done in conjunction with substantial grading and construction activities in order to effectively create, restore, or enhance various native ecosystems.

ER&M’s staff has the knowledge, training, and certifications necessary to provide a wide range of effective manual, mechanical, and chemical non-native vegetation control services. Whether a site requires a one-time treatment or a multi-year treatment and maintenance program, ER&M has the staff and equipment necessary to successfully complete the job.

Due to numerous factors, much of our existing, and restored, landscape also faces degradation and destruction from un-controlled native wildlife populations. Resident Canada geese, white-tail deer, beavers, and others can drastically impact existing landscapes and completely wipe out entire newly planted sites. ER&M understands these threats, and has the expertise, equipment, and staff necessary to put appropriate protection measures in place before damage can occur. Whether a site requires full enclosure with deer fence, installation of goose exclusion fencing, or individual plant protection ER&M is qualified and prepared to successfully address the issue.

Sample Project Profiles:

Spring cattails and algae