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Examples of career opportunities at ER&M

Love working in the great outdoors?
So do we!

We have positions to fill!

Below is a list of the positions we are looking to fill with super awesome people. Our season typically starts around March 1 and ends around December 1, depending on the weather.

Crew Member Training Day

Join us for a day and get to know us

Every spring we host a training day for those interested in joining us to have a chance to see just what it takes to be part of our ecological restoration team.

Placing pre-spatted oyster shells over clean shell base.
What We Are All About

We are about making landscaping a fun, creative learning opportunity for both experienced and novice landscapers. With a focus on constructing beautiful landscapes, ER&M strives to find great opportunities to work in the community to help create environments that sustain themselves through pro-environmental landscaping. Here at ER&M, you get the chance to see first-hand some of the innovative methods used to construct landscapes and conserve entire ecological systems in and around the Mid-Atlantic region.

ER&M has a place for landscapers with very little experience to those with more expertise. If you are a seasoned landscaper, work with our team of experts to contribute to our growing wealth of knowledge or learn something new from our team of professionals. For newbies, working with us can be enjoyable and rewarding as you get the benefit of a first-hand introduction to environmentally healthy methods of beautifying and conserving the Earth.

Have What It Takes?

Creating sustainable spaces requires a lot of motivation and energy. The sun is hot and long workdays require a certain level of physical fitness and ability. For this reason, not only is it necessary for you to be in good physical shape, but you should also be healthy enough to complete all of the requirements that go along with physical labor, in addition to having the stamina to endure working largely outdoors throughout the year. Our employees are also expected to have the skills to work as team players but also to take the initiative in contributing to the team when needed.

How To Apply

ER&M has a range of positions at all levels of the industry. When applying for any position, be sure to read the job description carefully to ensure that you are the right person for the job. Will you be able to complete the tasks outlined in the application? Do you have the required experience and/or skillset? Are you willing to learn? Do you have a passion for landscaping and the outdoors? Do you enjoy working with your hands? If so, the next step to your perfect career is to apply.

Each job description contains the duties associated with the position and the requisite requirements to apply for the position. At the bottom of each job description, you will find information related to benefits, additional requirements, and a contact person for whom to send your resume and cover letter. Send your resume to the appropriate department and one of our team will get back to in due course.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits We Enjoy At ER&M

In addition to working in one of the most dynamic environments, ER&M employees have the opportunity to gain a lot of unique experience in landscaping with a focus on environmental sustainability. While these intrinsic rewards can help you in developing your career in landscape management, we offer a pretty nice benefits package for many of our permanent positions. Some of the more rewarding aspects of the job include competitive salary, in addition to an impressive retirement package, paid vacation time, and an equally attractive bonus program. More importantly, you get the chance to develop business relationships that will stand to you throughout your career in landscaping.