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<strong>There’s More To Our Name</strong>

There’s More To Our Name

Our name stands for Ecological Restoration & Management, but we are so much more.

Wonderful opportunities happen at the intersection of commercial landscaping and ecological restoration. Here at ER&M, we can offer your business the chance to learn about innovative landscaping that beautifies and restores the Earth.

With more than 35 years of landscaping in the Mid-Atlantic region, ER&M’s mission has been devoted to creating sustainable landscapes for businesses. Our work is rooted in environmental research and restoration and an overall concern for conserving our natural resources. Our dedication to these concepts is our central mission in providing businesses with quality and sustainable commercial construction landscaping with a focus on ecological restoration.

As an industry leader in commercial landscaping and ecological restoration, ER&M has pioneered innovative sustainable landscaping for businesses. Of our many projects, traditional and large-scale landscaping, wetland planting, reforestation, stream restoration, bioengineering, and site stabilization (species control) are just some of the few that make up our full-service firm. With a full range of services, we can provide your commercial business with landscaping that does more than simply present a pretty lawn but adds to the overall well being of the surrounding environment as well.

As a client, not only will your business benefit from our expertise, but it will also benefit from the discipline that has come to define ER&M high standards for the scope of any project we undertake. Our commitment, diligence, and discipline to our craft guarantee your project is completed in a timely manner, to the highest standard and on budget.

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