Patuxent River Tidal Wetland Creation

Project Profile

Project: Patuxent River Tidal Wetland Creation

Project Sponsor: US Federal Government

Location: Patuxent River – Southern, MD


This project involved the stabilization of an eroding shoreline and the creation of a tidal wetland basin. This restoration project was required as mitigation for impacts caused by a nearby oil spill. A total of 82,000 Spartina alterniflora and Spartina patens were installed throughout nearly 6 acres of tidal wetland basin and 1.0 acres of tidal river shoreline.

A large resident goose population was observed near the site and ER&M was concerned that the specified goose exclusion fence design would not be sufficient to protect the plantings. At no additional cost, ER&M revised the exclusion fence design to provide greater protection for the installed plants.

This design was approved by the client and subsequently installed. The new design proved to be very effective, allowing the site to quickly establish and fill in during the first growing season.