Tidal Creek Shoreline Stabilization

Project Profile

Project: Tidal Creek Shoreline Stabilization

Project Sponsor: Private Homeowner

Location: Coastal Delaware

Scope: ER&M was contracted, by a private homeowner, to implement a shoreline stabilization plan aimed at putting a halt to the continual erosion that he was experiencing along his tidal creek frontage.

Following a review of the plan, and actual site conditions, ER&M suggested several adjustments to the method of construction, aimed at increasing the long term success of the project. Following the approval of same, ER&M commenced the placement of a line of connected coir fiber logs, behind which clean sand fill would be placed, bringing the shoreline elevation up to a level that would support the growth and establishment of native tidal wetland vegetation.

During this phase ER&M also performed select thinning of overhanging vegetation, in an attempt to provide more sunlight for the planned plantings. Once this was completed, and the fill material was graded to the correct elevations, ER&M commenced planting Spartina spp. and several native coastal shrubs.

Within a year following construction, the shoreline was fully stabilized and supporting a healthy stand of native vegetation.