YMCA-South Hanover

Project Profile

Project: YMCA-South Hanover

Project Sponsor: Hollins Construction

Location: Hanover, PA

Scope: This project was built in the middle of a large corn field. Once rough grading was complete, It presented us with a very clean slate.

The project scope included planting a mix of 105 site trees and 7.5 acres of fine grading, seed, straw and tack. Half of this seeding was for newly constructed athletic fields. Due to the condition of the existing on site soil, most of the fields had to be hand raked to remove the large amount of small rock and shale found in the native topsoil.

There was an additional 3.25 acres of wildflower meadow seeding installed on the steepest slopes that were covered with erosion control matting to stabilize. Lastly, ER&M was contracted to install 5,000 sq./ft. of Grass Pave II allowing vehicular access to the rear of the building.