Danial’s Run Elementary School

Project Profile

Project: Danial’s Run Elementary School

Project Sponsor: CH2M HILL Companies, Ltd.

Location: Fairfax, VA

Scope: The scope of this project includes the installation of both bio-retention ponds and wetland areas. Our scope included installation of silt fence, removal of existing trees, excavation of existing soil to create the drainage swales, bio-ponds and wetland areas, installation of drainage system including clean outs and observation wells.

The existing downspout lines were redirected into one new drain line and day lighted into one of the swales. For the bio-retention ponds we installed a 2’ layer or drainage gravel in the bottom of the ponds and covered with 4’ of engineered bio-retention soil mix. The slopes of the ponds were then sodded and the bottoms of the ponds were covered with hardwood mulch to stabilize.

For the wetland areas we installed a 1550 sq./ft. Bentomat liner that needed to be trenched into the slopes. We then amend some of the excavated soil with lime and fertilizer and spread 1’ of the amended soil over enter liner. We installed a 13 in./ft. stone fore at the entrance of the wetland.

We also constructed a 6×6 wood timber weir 35’ long and 2.5’ deep with a 35’ x 3 ‘ deep bed of river jack installed behind the weir. All area were planted by the owner after completion.