Wetland Restoration
Wildlife Visitors

This section of our site is dedicated to featuring photographs of the various wildlife visitors encountered on our project sites. Some are just passing through, while many others are setting up permanent or seasonal residence. The often misquoted line from the movie Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they (he) will come", rings true when it comes to the successful restoration or creation of our native ecosystems. It continues to amaze us how quickly wildlife find and take advantage of these sites, so soon after completion. These photographs provide proof of the value properly designed and constructed wetland, stream, forest, and coastal dune systems provide to our threatened wildlife. We hope you enjoy.

Make sure to check back occasionally, as new photos are added. All photos were taken by ER&M staff and are the property of ER&M, Inc. No photos may be reproduced without the written permission of ER&M, Inc.

Bullfrog on mulch around newly planted shrub

Collecting pollen from Pickerelweed flower

Dragonfly on softstem bulrush

Little green heron coming in


6 week old osprey at Chesapeake Bay tidal wetland project

Adult osprey on the wing at tidal wetland restoration site Chesapeake bay

Adult osprey winging back to nest at tidal wetland restoration site Chesapeake Bay

Butterfly along edges of non-tidal wetland project

Drake mallard flying over tidla wetland restoration Chesapeake Bay

Horseshoe Crab Along Living Shoreline Creation Chesapeake Bay

Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron at restored freshwater tidal wetland Chesapeake Bay tributary

Killdeer nesting adjacent to tidal wetland creation project Chesapeake Bay

Mature bald eagle at New England lake fringe wetland creation

Mink running along stream restoration project in central MD

Nesting swallows along restored tidal wetland fringe Chesapeake Bay

Newly fledged Osprey overlooking tidal wetland restoration plantings Chesapeake Bay

Northern Water Snakes and Eel along newlys created living shoreline Chesapeake Bay

Osprey building a nest while crew plants tidal wetland below Chesapeake Bay

Osprey just beginning to hatch at tidal wetland restoration site Chesapeake Bay

Snowy egret at tidal wetland restoration site Chesapeake Bay

Snowy egret flying over restored todal marsh in the Chesapeake Bay

Young oyster toadfish and translucent sea squirts at home on new oyster bar in New England Bay
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