Wetland Restoration
Non-Tidal Wetland Restoration

For nearly 30 years, Ecological Restoration and Management, Inc. has helped to restore and create valuable and diverse non-tidal wetland habitats throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes regions. Since 1983, ER&M has successfully planted, maintained, and enhanced over one hundred acres of these important ecosystems. To be successful in wetland restoration and creation requires far more skill than simply being able to read and follow a set of plans. Rarely do sites perform exactly as designed. The hydrologic conditions are often different than predicted, selected plant species aren’t suited to the post construction conditions, and the impact of local wildlife populations can be substantial. Whether the work involves the creation of emergent wetlands, scrub shrub wetlands, forested wetlands, or any combination of same, ER&M staff and crew have the experience and skills necessary for understanding the dynamics of these systems and tackling the obstacles they present.

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