Stream Restoration
Stream Restoration —
Private Residence Stream Restoration

Project: Private Residence Stream Restoration
Project Sponsor: Homeowner
Location: NW Baltimore County, MD
Scope: The homeowner had a small stream, running alongside their house, that experienced high flow conditions during storm events. The banks were eroding and beginning to undercut an old stone-foundation bridge supporting a portion of their driveway. Working closely with the designer, ER&M was tasked with removing the existing invasive vegetation (Japanese knotweed) covering the stream's banks, stabilizing the under-cut bridge foundation, reshaping the stream channel, installing grade-control structures, stabilizing the exposed stream banks, and installing native vegetation. Due to the emergency nature of this project, and limited construction details, it was critical that ER&M work closely, as a team, with the designer/engineer to successfully complete this work.

Overgrown and degraded stream channel before invasives removal and channel grading

Commencement of construction working from upstream down

Looking upstream just after construction

Looking downstream during final stabilization and planting

Looking downstream several weeks after completion

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